After 90 began to get the VC "Face Meng"

After 90 began to get the VC "Face Meng"

During the Dragon Boat Festival, an app named “Face Mouth” that produced comic avatars began to thrive on social platforms. Using it, users could simply create cartoon images that resembled themselves or others. His founder was Guo Lie, who was born in 1989, and his team is 9 after 90. In the Internet field, after the 90s with a lot of ideas represented the young people's market, they gradually began to be the "sweet potato" in the eyes of investors.

"Appearance", a seemingly simple app, staged a crazy growth rate, and it became the #1 free app listing on Apple's App Store on June 2nd. The reporter learned from Guo Lie, the founder of Wei Meng, that at present he has obtained IDG's investment of several million yuan and is seeking a second round of financing.

It is understood that MoE has been on-line since November 2013. As the new version increases the features of facial features, increase facial expressions, and bubbles, the cartoon image is more similar to real people, making this software that sells beautiful .

"We used to spend five months to accumulate 1 million users, but now it is adding 1 million users every day." Guo Lie said that from this week on, he had to contact at least a dozen venture capital institutions every day, and even Some investors have "flyed" from Beijing to Shenzhen. "Investors look at the team first. They think that the team after 90 can truly understand the young people's thinking." Guo Lie said, "For example, comics, young people like to be stupid, sultry, and embarrassed, this is not the same as before The same, so I recruit people only after 90.” Guo Lie, who resigned from Tencent’s product manager to read the comic “One Piece”, is now excited.

In the past two days, Baidu has also become a hotly watched emerging project behind the scenes - Baidu Zoo Trader 90 after Meng sister Meng Jun. It is understood that Baidu Zoo is deploying cameras on the site of a rare zoo animal venue, and through 3G wireless network transmission and cloud storage, so that all users across the country can watch real animals in the zoo in real time without leaving home. A move. The project was launched with great concern. On May 29th, at the annual Baidu Union Summit, Li Yanhong, the head of Baidu, deliberately took the project out and talked about it.

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