Anti-counterfeiting in lighting industry has not fundamentally eliminated fake products

Anti-counterfeiting in lighting industry has not fundamentally eliminated fake products

The emergence of any best-selling product is accompanied by the emergence of counterfeit products, whether it is the mobile phone industry or the LED lighting industry. In the domestic market, "cottage" products account for almost half of the market. In the LED lighting industry, there is also such a problem, LED lighting has not been eliminated for counterfeiting, but there is no fundamental reduction in fake products on the market. What is the reason?

The news of unqualified LED lighting products has recently appeared several times. It is understood that, in spot-check LED lamps, the main problems are focused on the rated current of the unmarked product (the current allowed by the continuous operation of the electrical equipment), the LED module has no source mark, and no manufacturer's type symbol. Followed by the lamp power is not qualified, some companies in order to increase the price of low power lamp identification power increased, and the actual rated power difference. Thirdly, the color characteristics of the LED lamp are unqualified. The reason for the failure is that a poor quality phosphor is used in the production process, which results in a significant lack of lamp use function and is not conducive to the protection of eyesight. In addition, some products fail to pass the dielectric strength and pose a security threat to consumers' lives and property.

As an inevitable trend of the development of lighting, the country and policies to support the project, why the frequency of LED quality problems? Tracing the source, the lack of LED lighting standards is the key. From the power supply to the finished product, LED lighting does not have a set of standard systems, and there is no requirement for mandatory testing and certification. It is entirely an enterprise's “free play” and how quality can be guaranteed. At this stage, only the industrial and commercial departments can rely on relevant laws and regulations to deal with the sales units that sell unqualified products during inspections and inspections to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

The anti-counterfeiting activities organized by the relevant departments did not stop for a moment, but in some areas and individual areas, there were still many counterfeit and shoddy goods. In the lighting industry, the impact of fake and shoddy products on the industry and enterprises is very bad. What is the root cause of the proliferation of fake and shoddy goods?

1, falsified costs low yield high. The nature of capital for profit is a double-edged sword. LED lighting manufacturers, as rational economic people, are pursuing the maximization of profits, which is the root cause of repeated prohibitions on counterfeit and shoddy goods. Fake and shoddy goods are often low in cost and have a large profit margin. They are often several times higher than the profits of normal products. Therefore, it will inevitably attract profit-making counterfeiters to take risks.

2. The illegal cost is low. Although there are legal sanctions against counterfeiters, due to various reasons, counterfeiters have not generally received due punishment. Since the penalty for penalties is often far less than their income, counterfeiters will inevitably be bold and potential counterfeiters will be encouraged to enter the industry.

3. The cost of consumer rights protection is high. From the consumer's point of view, consumers’ demand for counterfeit and shoddy goods, knowledge of fake purchases, cheating, weak purchasing power, and high cost of claims and widespread “carriage” psychology make counterfeit and shoddy goods have a living space and Nurturing and even breeding a prosperous market.

4, market information asymmetry. Due to the asymmetric information, the vast number of consumers are obviously in a weak position in the face of numerous complicated products. They are difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake, and they have no way of knowing fake products. When counterfeit and shoddy goods spread, it is generally difficult to rationally refuse, and it is often the case that bogus and shoddy goods are treated in a public manner.

5. Government supervision is not in place. The prevalence of local protectionism is the administrative source for the increasing production and sales of counterfeit goods. Local protectionism is in fact a “protection umbrella” for counterfeiters. It cuts and unifies the big market, encourages unhealthy practices, encourages illegal and criminal activities, undermines the smooth implementation of government decrees, and interferes with fair law enforcement. The harm is very serious. It is precisely the existence of local protectionism that makes anti-counterfeiting work. Become more complicated and arduous.

LED lighting products are not low-priced products, at least at this stage LED technology can not be achieved, why low-priced products will appear in the market, the most likely reason is that "stealing work cuts", "shrinkage." If relevant departments can “strengthen” the attack and punish the beating, it is believed that there will be a lot of ambiguity in the industry. For the user, price is the most critical thing. Only when the price can actually decline, I believe that the falsification is no longer meaningful. .

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