Briefly describe the seven advantages of LED lights

At present, we all know that the mainstream headlights in the automotive lighting industry are nothing more than xenon lamps and halogen lamps. However, LED lights have gradually emerged. Although the technology of LED lights is not mature enough, the future LED lights will become the leader in the automotive lighting industry. What are the advantages of the two LED lights? ?

What are the advantages of LED lights?

1. Energy saving and cost reduction year by year

The luminous efficiency of LED lamps is relatively high, more than twice that of fluorescent lamps. However, if we use energy-saving lamps for household use, it can save about 1 times more energy than incandescent lamps, and energy-saving lamps are more than three times more energy-efficient than LED lamps. The same is true for car use. The same daytime running lights, LED energy consumption only accounts for 1/20 of the halogen lamp, and the current cost of LED is also decreasing year by year. According to statistics, the price of LED lighting is 20% per year. Sharply reduced.

2, long life

At present, the average service life of automotive LED lights can reach more than 50,000 hours, and some well-known lighting suppliers can provide LED components with a life expectancy of more than 100,000, which is equivalent to no need to replace the lamp bulbs for eleven years.

3, wear resistance

The structure of the LED lights is very simple, its impact resistance and shock resistance are very good, do not worry that the bulb will be easily broken, can adapt to a variety of harsh environments.

4, small components, easy to arrange

LED lights have very small components and can be well designed and arranged. This is also a huge advantage of LED bulbs, which caters to the design needs of auto manufacturers, breaks the traditional lighting system and creates a new lighting system. The shape makes us have more perfect lighting.

5, the lighting speed is fast

The LED lights are very fast, just need to be subtle. Most of them are used for car taillights and turn signals. Because it can light up quickly, it plays a very good warning role. If the LED headlights are applied to the headlights, it will be more safe than the xenon and halogen lamps.

6, low loss

The brightness of LED lights is very high, and the brightness of light is far lower than that of halogen lamps. It is suitable for headlights in cars, brake lights and turn signals.

7, low voltage current can be lit

LED lights only need low-voltage DC to light, and its load is small, anti-interference is strong, and the environment requirements are relatively low. It is not necessary to install a ballast like a xenon lamp.

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