Can you watch TV with 3D glasses?

3D movies have the advantage that traditional 2D can't match. When the audience wears 3D stereoscopic glasses to watch movies, the kind of immersive shocking feeling can no longer be expressed in words. In order to be able to experience this extreme picture quality at a close distance, many consumers are not free to choose a 3D TV, but do you know that watching TV with 3D glasses is OK, is it harmful?

The harm caused by 3D glasses

According to the author's investigation, in May 2010, quite a number of media reports said that consumers have experienced different levels of physical discomfort after wearing 3D glasses to watch things, especially for children and young people. The serious lack of self-control makes them indulge in the 3D world.

Unconsciously, they may suffer from vision loss, dizziness, blurred vision, involuntary twitching of eyes or muscles, nausea, convulsions, convulsions, direction disorders, and loss of consciousness. In severe cases, strokes and other diseases may occur. , but you know that the danger of watching TV with 3D glasses is more than that. Its harm mainly lies in two aspects:
First, physiological aspects.

The specific performance of dry eye discomfort and fatigue: mainly because of the crowded air-drying theater environment, attention, reduced blink, resulting in excessive tear evaporation, dry eye symptoms. Because the pictures seen by both eyes after wearing 3D glasses are different, the "fusion" function of the brain is required to synthesize the images of the two eyes into a three-dimensional image, and viewers with poor binocular stereoscopic vision are prone to visual fatigue and eyebrows. Bow pain, eye swelling, ghosting and other discomfort.

Second, psychological aspects.

The specific manifestations are fear, severe dizziness, and even nausea. The main reason is that the 3D movie's screen content is mostly flight, rotation, rapid switching, and undulating movement scenes. It is easy for the viewers who have heightened fears and motion sickness symptoms to have a spirit. Tension and psychological discomfort, in addition to 3D movie music and images are more exciting, after reading it will feel more excited, patients with cardiovascular disease may occur high blood pressure, dizziness, chest tightness and other discomfort.

Which people should not wear 3D glasses

Professionals say that 3D glasses are harmful to children and adolescents. Their eyes are still in development and self-regulation is poor. Wearing them for a long time can cause headaches, eye pain, and even vision loss. People with eye diseases do not wear 3D glasses. Patients with presbyopia and presbyopia with glaucoma, refractive error, and poor visual acuity are more at risk from 3D glasses.

How to avoid or reduce the damage caused by 3D glasses

1. Each family member has his own exclusive 3D glasses, and several more pairs are prepared for use by visitors. He regularly cleans and disinfects all 3D glasses to prevent potential cross-infection (frames will remain users The sweat and skin secretions, the lens is also easily soiled, there may be constipation, trachoma and other cross-infection.

2, usually not in use or when not in use, to 3D glasses on the dry place or use 3D glasses box to save it, should not be placed on the coffee table, TV cabinet, or sharp, flammable and explosive next to avoid causing strokes on the 3D glasses Traces or damage.

3, 3D glasses wear time should not be too long, usually about 1-2 hours to stop and rest, otherwise the eyes will be very tired, the more low-end 3D glasses, the shorter the time to wear 3D glasses (such as Red and blue 3D glasses). Therefore, I personally recommend that cheap or homemade 3D glasses should be used with caution, it is best to choose the regular way to buy glasses that meet the 3D viewing standards.


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