Comprehensive analysis of 3D video technology

There are two very important trends in the development of television: from standard definition to high definition HD, the resolution will be higher and higher; 3D technology to realize stereoscopic vision. In particular, 3D technology is an important trend in the development of TV technology for a long time to come.

3D, if you shoot and make it well, it will look very good, the scene is very strong and the picture is very impactful. Some 3D movies are realized through post-production. If they are not made well, they are not as good as 2D movies. Because 2D is converted into 3D by software, if there is no guarantee quality when turning, the effect is not necessarily better than 2D from the viewing angle. . Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the 3D stereoscopic content produced is in line with the sensory feeling through some technical means.

How does the human eye perceive 3D?

The important effect of 3D is the three-dimensional effect, because the parallax between the left and right eyes produces a so-called 3D effect, and the parallax has a certain range. If the parallax exceeds the range, it will produce a very bad visual experience, and even watch 3D movies for a long time. It will be dizzy or uncomfortable. When shooting and post-production 3D movie TV, if you don't grasp the parallax or depth of field, you will have a similar discomfort experience. Of course, there is no good evidence that there will be any harm in watching 3D, but there will be discomfort.

The most traditional 3D glasses look at the 3D effect. If you don't wear glasses, you will have a very virtual picture. The cyan is in front of the red, or the red is in front of the blue. The red represents the picture seen by the left eye. The blue represents the right eye. The picture to the screen. It is precisely because they have a certain level of difference and parallax at the level that leads to a 3D feeling, and the 3D picture will feel bad if it is not done well. The 3D that everyone sees in the cinema is not the red and green glasses. The TV at home will have active 3D glasses. Through interlaced scanning, the first scene is the picture of the left eye, the second field is the picture of the right eye. The left eye is equivalent to closing the right eye. Will get the picture of the left eye, the right eye will close the left eye, the image of the left eye and the right eye can be obtained through the active glasses, and finally the feeling of 3D in the mind, there are more 3D on the market now. TV. Seen in the cinema, the left eye passes the video through the horizontal and right eyes to each other. No matter which way, the most basic ones are the left eye and the right eye. A certain gap, the distance between the left and right eyes is between 60-65 mm.

Naked eye 3D effect

Figure 1: The naked eye 3D effect.

The left eye and the right eye see a certain gap between the two pictures. The eyes of the person analyze the picture. Through the judgment of the human retina, the signals obtained by the left and right eyes form a three-dimensional feeling through the analysis of the brain, and the relationship between them is resolved. The relationship with the three-dimensional, the last is the 3D effect, which is the process by which the human eye perceives 3D through the sense. Someone raised a question. Can you feel the effect of 3D if you close one eye? In fact, the depth of the image needs to be perceived by both eyes. Sometimes, the stereoscopic information can be perceived by one eye. The distance will be revealed by 2D, it will provide us with some information, the part of the image revealed and covered, through which to judge who is in front and who is behind. When watching 3D movies, there are often images that run to the back of the screen. There are several scenes in "Rio Adventure". When the parrot learns to fly, it will rush to you. The effect is not always there, it is through the later stage. The production is made specifically. Beijing Tai did some 3D experiments and got some experience. It is easier to go to the screen and accept it. If the effect of going out is not very acceptable, everyone should consider the impact of the external impact when doing 3D effects. The ratio, that is, can't be done too much.

Some information sheets can only perceive its stereo depth, and we can see the effects of 3D, including texture changes, through light and dark changes. For example, if the flower is far away, it will be more visible. If you look at the close-up, you will be able to distinguish it. The farther away you are, the smaller the picture will be. You can perceive the depth of 2D through this information. We can also perceive the depth of 2D by the size of the object or the change in size. Motion parallax, when sitting in the car, the near object is in the opposite direction to us, and the depth can be perceived by one eye. The position of this object is different through two eyes. This must be felt by two eyes. Through these, the stereoscopic distance and depth can be well perceived.

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