Creative wire storage Recoil Winders winding machine

Are you enthusiasts always getting confused by the complicated headphone cable, cable, and charger cable? Xiaobian, whether it is a desk or a desk at home, it always looks messy, and there is no difference between cleaning up and confiscation.

Now, we are blessed - the Recoil Winders winder to help accommodate the annoying lines.

It comes in three sizes and can accommodate different line sizes.

As long as the line is hooked on the hook on the inside, in less than a few seconds, the line is all rolled in. This is simply a magical magic weapon for lazy people.

But to be honest, this appearance is ordinary, not pleasing, just for the convenience of the point, Xiaobian still give positive recommendations!

 Thermal Management Products

Thermal management is very important for electric products design. The common thermal management products are thermal conductive pad, thermal adhesive tape, thermal gap material ,Graphite sheet, Thermal Conductive Glue. Our thermal pad could reach as high as 6 W/m.k  , It is much higher than other thermal pad suppliers.

Thermal management

EMI shielding raw materials

thermal adhesive tape

Thermal Management Products

Thermal Management Products,Thermal Conductive Pad,Thermal Conductive Tape,Graphite Sheet


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