Development of optical fiber access technology and optical fiber communication technology

Wavelength division multiplexing technology can make full use of the huge bandwidth resources brought by the low loss area of ​​single mode fiber. According to the frequency (or wavelength) of each channel light wave, the low loss window of the fiber is divided into several channels, the light wave is used as the carrier of the signal, and the wavelength division multiplexer (multiplexer) is used at the transmitting end, and different regulations are imposed. The signal optical carriers of the wavelength are combined and sent to an optical fiber for transmission. At the receiving end, the optical carriers carrying different signals at different wavelengths are separated by a wavelength division multiplexer (split). Since the optical carrier signals of different wavelengths can be regarded as independent of each other (regardless of the nonlinearity of the optical fiber), multiplexing transmission of multiple optical signals can be realized in one optical fiber.

Fiber access technology

The fiber access network is the "last mile" of the information superhighway. To achieve high-speed information transmission and meet the needs of the public, not only must there be a broadband backbone transmission network, but also the user access part is the key. The fiber access network is the key technology for high-speed information flow into thousands of households. In fiber-optic broadband access, due to the different locations of fiber arrival, there are different applications such as FTTB, FTTC, FTTCab and FTTH. Together, FTTx.FTTH (Fiber to the Home) is the ultimate way of fiber-optic broadband access, which provides all-optical Access, therefore, can fully utilize the broadband characteristics of the fiber to provide users with the unrestricted bandwidth required to fully meet the needs of broadband access. At present, domestic technology can provide users with bandwidth of FE or GE, which is an ideal access method for large and medium-sized enterprise users.

Development of optical fiber communication technology

In recent years, with the advancement of technology, the reform of the telecommunications management system and the gradual and comprehensive opening of the telecommunications market, the development of optical fiber communication has once again presented a new situation of vigorous development. The following is a brief introduction to the main development hotspots in the field of optical fiber communication. Description and outlook, the evolution to ultra-high-speed systems, to the evolution of ultra-large capacity WDM systems.

From the development of optical fiber communication in recent years, building a national transparent optical network with maximum transparency, high flexibility and large capacity can not only lay a solid physical foundation for the future national information infrastructure (NII), but also China's information industry and the national economy's soaring in the next century and the security of the country have extremely important strategic significance. The development of the optical fiber communication industry is also an irreversible trend in modern communications.

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