Digital Kingdom pushes VR movie to bring ugly "Monkey" to CES

Digital Kingdom pushes VR movie to bring ugly "Monkey" to CES from Baidu VR

CES discovered the "Monkey King" VR movie trailer, but the monkey is ugly. In the just-opened CES, there were a lot of "novelty" products that were astounding. Digital Domain, a movie special effects company founded in 1992, is one of the leading companies in the field of visual effects and immersive. The products that the company and Qualcomm exhibited at CES are even more awkward. They showed the world one by one. The Ugly Monkey is a VR film starring the Monkey King. At the CES conference venue, visitors can watch the trailer at the HTC Vive booth and at the Qualcomm booth. The Qualcomm booth features a mobile VR headset with an Opteron processor.

CES 2017 Digital Kingdom Teams with Qualcomm to Launch VR Movie "Monkey King" Trailer

Since it is known as the Monkey King, at least it is worthy of the word, but is the strange creature in this trailer really the Monkey King? Whether it is from skin color... (Why are there skin colors, monkeys have no hair? ) This strange hair is not even imagined that this is actually the Monkey King! The beauty of the Monkey King in the hearts of the Monkey King is this image is not good ... ...

The Monkey King in the trailer is appalling

Regarding the aesthetics of Qualcomm and the digital realm, they will not continue to comment on it. It may also be a matter of differentiation, and they think that it is more beautiful. However, the strength of the two companies alone is still very strong.

Mr. Xie An, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Digital Kingdom, stated: “With HTC Vive and Qualcomm providing a strong technology carrier, it will make it possible for consumers to thoroughly experience virtual reality. Audience can use HTC Vive virtual reality wearables and support Qualcomm Xiaolong. The 835's mobile devices are experiencing a deeper and more realistic VR experience than ever before, and we are proud to partner with the top two companies in the industry to showcase the performance of the Monkey King at CES.”

Digital Kingdom is the leader in the VR original content market. With its rich experience in creating visual effects for Hollywood movies, advertisements and video games for many years, the company also developed 360-degree panoramic live streaming in 2016, bringing live virtual reality experiences to the audience, including the recent Rio Olympics, and Faye Wong's "Fantasy Music" concert held in Shanghai has brought everyone an unprecedented sense of presence. The Digital Kingdom's new VR series "The Monkey King" is a new chapter in Monkey King Monkey King, one of the most famous legendary characters in Chinese mythology.

Bao Yongzhe, deputy general manager of the HTC VR new technology department, said: "It is a great privilege to co-exhibit the virtual reality movie "Monkey King" with the digital realm. With its world-renowned digital visual effects team, it will create exquisite image details and rich quality. The content brings imagination into life, and it also helps to popularize the virtual reality content of entertainment properties.We believe that such virtual reality movies as the “Monkey King” with imagination and gorgeous visual effects will drive the film industry into a new field. In a different way, it brings to the audience an immersive visual feast."

"We redesigned Qualcomm's flagship Snapdragon 835 processor to satisfy the stringent requirements of cutting-edge, highly interactive mobile virtual reality content represented by the "Monkey King" while also taking into consideration the thinness of mobile devices. Design needs,” said Dave Durnil, senior director of engineering at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., “VR will provide a new paradigm for human interaction with the world. We are very excited to work with VR pioneers such as the digital realm, by carrying a new generation of Qualcomm's smart phones and wearable devices provide an engaging high-quality experience.”

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