(Figure) 360 ã‚š rotating LED table lamp

[High-tech LED news] This is called "flying trapeze LED table lamp", looks like a swing, the most special is the simple but 360-inch rotating balance design, powerful rotating function and angle advantage can be accurately used as a spotlight Lighting at various angles.

The lamp is available in two sizes, with a sculptural design, ultra-thin flat panel LED illumination, wide angle of illumination and color recognition, making it ideal for animation, color workers or designers. It is reported that the 360 ​​゚ rotation balance design of the work is being patented.

Mechnical Transducer (Mechnical Buzzer) is with circuit inside model.internal drive type.

FBELE buzzer( Mechnical Transducer buzzers) is well sold to Europe Country like Italy,Spain,Germany,poland.etc. and also U.S. Brazil,Argentina,Russia.Hongkong,Korea,etc. with more than 20year's manufacturing experience. we have stock of many standard buzzer and Piezo Element,then it can immediately shipped for some urgent order of customer's. also with competitive price..every year,we will develop many new products,and also provide solution for customer's application!!we have customer in the world:Samsung,Bosch,LG,

more than 3000type products can meet all customer's request.

Buzzer is an integration of electron acoustic structure, USES the dc voltage power supply, is widely used in computers, printers, photocopiers, alarm, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment, telephone, timer and other electronic products for voice devices.The buzzer is divided into two types: Piezoelectric Buzzer and electromagnetic buzzer.


Mechnical Transducer

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