Future Lighting and GlobalTech develop road and commercial LED solutions

[High-tech LED News] Recently, Future Lighting Solutions of Canada announced that it will cooperate with Global Solid-state Lighting Technology Corporation Global Tech LED to develop energy-efficient LED solutions for national road and commercial lighting.

Fuchang Lighting Solutions provides optical engineering support to customers, as well as LUXEON Rebel LEDs from Philips Lumileds and Philips Advance drivers for 480V. This successful combination of lighting products and optical engineering will be incorporated into the various High Mast State Roadway projects currently underway at Global Tech LEDs. In addition, Future Lighting also assists customers in accelerating the entire process from concept to design and implementation.

According to reports, the new high-beam lamp developed by Global Tech LED has reached an unprecedented height, can successfully replace the high pole lamp with height of 40-150 feet, and the power can reach 400-1000W.

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