Government calls for home energy saving recommended LED tube

Thailand’s deputy chief executive of the Ministry of Energy, Tawah, said yesterday (6th) that according to the survey, the cost of using energy in the country accounts for 18-20% of the gross domestic product (GDP). I hope that the public will review their own energy consumption and do a good job. Energy saving work.

Tawama pointed out that he hopes that the public can look back at the household appliance bills, kitchen gas bills and petrol fees, and add these energy costs together. If it exceeds 20% of household income, it means that their energy consumption has exceeded the national level. Average.

For example, a person's family income is 10,000 baht, but energy consumption exceeds 2,000 baht, which means that the family needs energy. Tawa also said that people whose energy consumption exceeds the national average should immediately change their living habits and do a good job in energy conservation, such as turning off lights and turning off electricity.

Tawa, said that especially before and after the Songkang Festival in summer, the weather is hot and the power consumption is large. It is necessary to do a good job of energy conservation, including changing the lamp at home to energy-saving lamp No. 5 or LED energy-saving tube; when purchasing electrical appliances, It is best to choose energy-saving appliances.

In addition, the Ministry of Energy recommends that the public pay attention to the care of air conditioners and electrical appliances. Air-conditioning filters should be cleaned frequently to ensure low-load operation of air conditioners. For the purchase of new appliances, there is an electric appliance with No. 5 energy-saving logo. In addition to energy-saving, such appliances are also of good quality. Very good protection.

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