Guangbao Branch Q1 reduced the profit margin by 43% after the tax, hitting a new low in the past eight seasons

Guangbao Branch held a report saying that the first quarter of the net profit after tax was 1.428 billion yuan (NTD, the same below), a quarterly decrease of 43%; revenue of 51.742 billion yuan, a quarterly decrease of 13%; gross profit margin 12.4%; Benefit 0.62 yuan, the new low for the eighth quarter.

Guangbao Branch said that the decrease in net profit after tax was mainly due to the loss of 1 billion yuan in the portable institutions and other product sectors. The main core business of the first quarter of the company was showing steady growth momentum, benefiting from LED and lighting applications. The global market demand for camera modules has increased, accounting for nearly 50% of the total revenue, and the annual revenue growth rate has reached 40%.

Guangbao Branch said that looking forward to the second quarter, optimistic about the global market demand for mobile devices, LEDs and lighting continued to increase, the overall performance of the second quarter will grow moderately, the annual operating profit rate may reach 4.7% (2.7% in the first quarter) ).

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