Haoran Technology launched a new generation of T8 V2 fluorescent lamps and PAR 36 beacon series

With the increasing emphasis on green energy and environmental protection issues, Taiwan ’s LED lighting manufacturer Aeon LighTIng Technology Inc. launched a new generation of T8 V2 fluorescent lamps and PAR 36 lamp series, breaking the limits of design and greatly increasing the effectiveness of LED lighting applications And places!

ALT T8 V2 indoor lighting series, in addition to continuing the advantages of the first generation T8 fluorescent tube, leading the industry in large-scale heat dissipation blades and anti-shock safety design, has zero UV, zero radiation, zero infrared, in line with EU RoHS standards, and more transparent The exclusive power supply design creates continuous lighting, completely avoiding the harm of traditional T8 and general LED T8 high-frequency flicker to visual health, creating a new era of energy-saving and healthy LED lighting.

The ALT PAR 36 series of exclusive aluminum foils designed by Haoran Technology not only provide the best heat dissipation effect, but also effectively reduce the temperature of traditional downlights from 150 ° C to below 60 ° C. LED lighting more comprehensive energy-saving benefits-air-conditioning system energy saving. In addition, the ALT PAR 36 series meets the strict waterproof and dustproof standards of IP65, greatly extending the application of LED downlight lighting, and can be used to replace traditional halogen lamps, with energy saving benefits up to 80%.

Haoran Technology adheres to the consistent quality principle, in addition to passing the ISO certifications in Taiwan and international, emphasizing that every product undergoes strict inspection by the factory, and continues to burn out the machine for a long time to provide consumers with the best products at any time.

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