How Skyworth LCD TV Repairs

My Skyworth LCD TV can not be opened, how is it? In the face of such problems, we first need to determine the reasons why Skyworth LCD TV can't be started, so as to confirm whether we can repair it. If we find that we cannot repair it, how much does Skyworth LCD TV repair need to pay? Let's take a closer look at the following.

Reasons why Skyworth LCD TV can't be started:

First of all, please look at your LCD screen whether there is brightness, is a white screen, there are subtitles, no image, if no light, do not boot, it is a problem with the power supply or high voltage board, repair high voltage, or replace the high voltage .

If the Skyworth LCD TV screen has a grating, an icon, a remote control failure, or a button failure, there may be a problem with your LCD TV's software, and it may be that the touch keyboard is broken. There is an integrated block of stored data in the TV. If the data is lost due to poor contact with the socket, it will cause TV abnormality, out of control and other failures. This is also a factor that Skyworth LCD TV can't open.

Skyworth LCD TV can not open the machine how to repair

Analysis 1: Indicator light is bright but unstable


DESCRIPTION 5V standby voltage is not normal, measured using the table of only about 3V and 5V, and the voltage is unstable, it began to check the external and feedback regulator circuit IC12, checked and found no abnormalities, then substitution IC12, fault still no Change, standby circuit output a total of 2 sets of voltage is a group of 5V is a group is 30V, then disconnect the 30V output found 5V return to normal that shows 30V this way there is a problem, the measured D30 has been soft breakdown, after the replacement LCD TV failure exclude.

Analysis II: After the boot, the indicator light is off


The suspicion problem lies in the standby circuit or the front stage. Measuring the voltage of the 300V capacitor is only about 300V, indicating that the PFC circuit does not work. The power supply for the standby circuit is also measured. There is no power supply output for 5V and PFC. The problem should be in the standby circuit. The voltage of the standby IC is also not abnormal. Substituting the IC is also not good. There is no problem in measuring R96 and Q13. Later, it was not intended that D23 found that it had been broken down, and that the replacement LCD TV had resumed normal work.

Analysis 3: Skyworth TV does not use the display of power when it is turned on. Solution:
It may be that the protection circuit of the TV has malfunctioned. At this time, it is sufficient to replace the fuse of the TV. However, if the screen of the TV does not respond, it may be that the TV phenomenon is broken.

After opening the cover, it was found that the power supply fuse was burned. Further inspections revealed that the D1 IN5406 and Q7 K2837 of the PFC circuit can be repaired by replacing the above components under normal circumstances. However, there are times when the above-mentioned components are bad and the bad bridges of successive rectifier bridges will break even after generation of Z6 180V. bad pressure pipe, do not have such an emergency situation at 180V zener diode Z6 may Q6 Q6 will direct the welding process with the wire, the LCD TV to resume normal work.

Analysis 4: Skyworth TV can not be turned on for the first time when it is turned on, but it can be repeated for the second time.
When Skyworth TV cannot start, you can try to tap the TV lightly to see if the TV can be turned on. If the TV can be switched on, it means that there is a place where the TV's wiring board is open. At this time, we only need to re-weld the TV's wiring board. Skyworth's TV cannot be turned off.

Skyworth LCD TV Service Phone

Customer Service Phone 9510-5555
Customer Service Phone 400-866-5555
Customer service time: 24-hour service hotline warranty information: Genius, enjoy three packs of service, the whole machine 1 year warranty.

According to the national "Three Guarantees" regulations, consumers are entitled to free maintenance services with valid invoices within the "Three Guarantees" validity period and within the "Three Guarantees" liability scope. The warranty period for Skyworth LCD TVs is 1 year, and the warranty period for major components is 3 years. The main components are display screens, backlight components, logic components, and high-frequency tuners.

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