Huawei secret box change router not every box can

Huawei's Secret Box can watch live broadcasts, movies, entertainment, and singing. It is not a problem. Any software on the market can solve these problems. Of course, Huawei's Secret Box can also be used as a wireless router to become a hotspot for your mobile phone and tablet.

It is not surprising that this function can be implemented without any software. Today, we will teach you how to use the Huawei secret box when using WIFI hotspots.

The first step is to buy a USB-to-network adapter cable. This goods, estimated to use Apple Air's rich handsome, elite humans are! The patch cord accesses Huawei's secret box and cable network. Turn on the TV and you will know the access network!

Do not worry, good show behind, you can also set the Huawei secret box as a WiFi hotspot, share your mobile phone and tablet and other dry electronic devices!

Click on the network after entering the settings page

Select a wireless hotspot after entering the web page

When you select "Configure WLAN Hotspot" this time, a blue dialog box will pop up. Use a mobile phone to search for this wireless name.

I was wrong and forgot to tell you how to read the password. If you look at the blue dialog box below, there is a password option that you can check.

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