Imagination releases Caskeid technology to create the ultimate solution for wireless multi-room audio

Caskeid can achieve synchronization performance comparable to wired systems over wireless networks

October 15, 2013- ImaginaTIon Technologies (IMG.L), a leading provider of multimedia, processor, communications and cloud technologies, today released the world's most accurate synchronized wireless multi-room (mulTIroom) interconnected audio streaming technology- Caskeid.

Caskeid is a rigorously tested system that enables any compatible audio device to stream music to a Caskeid-enabled audio device or media server via a standard indoor Wi-Fi network. Its low-latency synchronization feature is far superior to any other multi-speaker solution on the market-almost no difference from a wired system with accurate timing.

This is achieved using ImaginaTIon ’s unique technology, which contains ImaginaTIon ’s extensive expertise in Wi-Fi and audio technologies. Caskeid is a terminal's wireless connection technology that enables wireless speakers and audio systems such as docks, smart devices, radios, and servers to operate seamlessly and steadily.

Caskeid's unique technology can provide excellent high-fidelity stereo playback quality with a delay of less than 50µS, which is a real 'Wi-Fi Hi-Fi' enough to replace the wired system **, even the most demanding audiophiles ** * Can all be satisfied. Indeed, the accuracy of synchronized audio provided by Caskeid is very high, so customers can use speakers that are tuned according to different audio sources to build a variety of configurations from simple multi-room wireless audio products to complete wireless surround sound systems.

Caskeid works seamlessly with Imagination's new FlowAudio cloud music and radio service to provide access to over 24 million music albums and hundreds of thousands of radio stations, on-demand programs, and podcasts. Imagination has officially released the FlowAudio service today.

Imagination can provide the authorization of Caskeid technology from now on, becoming one of the company's series of advanced network consumer technologies for customized SoC design. Frontier Silicon, a subsidiary of Toumaz Group, has begun shipping the first audio module compatible with Caskeid, and more products will be launched in the future. Pure, the consumer electronics division of Imagination, has also begun shipping products based on Caskeid technology, and other leading consumer audio brand manufacturers will follow suit.

Tony King-Smith, vice president of marketing at Imagination, said: "Caskeid is the result of years of hard work by our leading signal processing, communications and systems engineering team, maintaining the extremes of audio streaming across one, two or more wireless devices Low-latency seamless synchronization operation, its performance is particularly outstanding. Caskeid is a latest example that fully demonstrates how Imagination can help more semiconductor and OEM / ODM partners to be highly competitive by developing system-level technical solutions Cost-effective launch of excellent, high-quality products. High-quality audio is our core technology, Caskeid once again demonstrated Imagination's ability to challenge the limits. "

Caskeid supports Android / iOS application architecture to provide complete control and configuration for all Caskeid products. OEM / ODM vendors can use this ready-to-use application architecture to collaborate with Imagination to develop their brand-specific applications.

Discover the magic of Caskeid with Pure ’s Jongo products

Pure has launched Jongo speaker products that support Caskeid technology, and shipped to the United Kingdom, the United States and other markets, showing the power of this technology. Jongo products that support Caskeid include: compact Jongo T2, mid-range Jongo T4, and high-end Jongo T6 wireless stereo speakers; Jongo A2 wireless high-fidelity adapter and Jongo S3 portable wireless speakers. For more information, please visit

http: //.

Editor's note

* Any product with built-in Caskeid technology will work perfectly with any other Caskeid-compatible product

** Caskeid can also run via Ethernet

*** If the delay between different sounds is less than 50µS, it is difficult for the human ear to discern the difference; Caskeid can perform excellently under this delay condition, making its performance comparable to the wired system

About Imagination Technologies

Imagination Technologies is the world's leading provider of multimedia, processor, and communication technologies, developing and licensing market-leading rich processor solutions, including graphics, video, imaging, CPU and embedded processors, multi-standard communications, and cross-platform V. VoIP and VoLTE, and cloud interconnect technology. These silicon and software intellectual property (IP) solutions used to develop system-on-a-chip (SoC) have comprehensive software, tool chain, and ecosystem support. Target markets include mobile phones, connected home consumer products, mobile and tablet computers, in-vehicle electronics, networking, telecommunications, medical, smart energy and connected sensors. Imagination's authorized customers include many of the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers, network manufacturers and OEM / ODM manufacturers. The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has sales and R & D offices worldwide.


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