IWatt Introduces LED Drivers for Commercial and Wireless Solid State Lighting

Power management integrated circuit (IC) supplier IWatt has introduced an innovative digital AC/DC LED driver platform designed to address cost, performance and longevity in commercial and wireless solid-state lighting (SSL) systems.

The iW3630, the first device in the new platform, is a two-stage FlickerlessTM LED driver that supports up to 45W of output power and is the first SSL LED driver in commercial lighting with a built-in 0V-10V dimming interface. The device also features a PWM digital dimming interface for wireless solid-state lighting applications.

The iW3630 device features a highly integrated design that saves 30%-40% (1) material (BOM) cost compared to peer solutions for 0V-10V applications, and is different from other solutions even when the load is reduced to full load. At 20%, a very high power factor (PF) can also be maintained. The program's total harmonic distortion (THD) is below 15%, meets stringent global energy efficiency standards, and includes over-temperature protection (OTP) with derating to increase the predictability and reliability of the system's operating life.

The iW3630 device reduces BOM costs by 30%-40% by integrating multiple design features. The built-in isolation transformer driver works directly with the 0V-10V dimming system, eliminating the need for additional driver circuitry and expensive microcontrollers, while the PWM digital interface is easy to integrate into wireless lighting systems.

iWatt's patented PrimAccurateTM primary side control technology eliminates the need for secondary regulators and optical feedback isolation devices, while EZ-EMI® technology simplifies EMI filtering to further minimize the number of external components. Combined with a variety of built-in features, the iW3630 LED driver requires only 70 components, compared to traditional SSL LED drivers typically requiring more than 100 components. In addition, the device reduces the size of the overall solution and increases reliability.

The iW3630's digital control architecture supports a wide range of input and output conditions, simplifying drive design. This allows a configuration to support a wide range of LED strings of different lengths to cover the full range of output power. iWatt conducted a case study of the iW3630's lighting driver. The results show that only three ballasts can replace the existing nine ballasts, thus reducing the number of models in mass production.

Using iWatt's Flickerless technology, the iW3630 eliminates flicker in the entire 1%-100% dimming range and provides a very stable ±5% LED current regulation. This technique combines a power factor correction (PFC) circuit composed of chopper circuits. This circuit achieves a high power factor and requires almost no input high voltage components.

The iW3630 chip has built-in derating over temperature protection to monitor the internal temperature of the drive. When the temperature reaches the set point, the iW3630 LED driver automatically reduces the LED current, reducing power consumption while reducing the overall operating temperature. This avoids the risk of thermal runaway, ensures that the temperature of the electrolytic capacitors in the lighting system does not exceed the rated value, and predicts the working life. In addition, built-in protection features include LED open and short circuit, input overvoltage, overcurrent, current sampling resistor short circuit protection.

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