LED companies should not fight prices

The elimination of incandescent bulbs and the fact that LED lights are on is a trend, but it is not as fast and comprehensive as the national ministries and commissions require. On the one hand, the price advantage of incandescent light bulbs relative to LED is still present in the short term. On the other hand, the sales strategy of “homogenization and price fighting” by LED lighting companies has cast a shadow on the domestic market outlook.

Compared with incandescent lamps, LED luminaires have the greatest potential for energy conservation and environmental protection. However, because the cost is too high, the price is higher than that of the traditional lamps by several grades. To make consumers really willing to consume, it needs a further drop in prices.

LED companies should not fight prices

"The 40-watt LED lamp is 25 yuan per unit, and the same wattage of the incandescent lamp is only 2 yuan per unit." A shop salesman stated that although the prices of LED lamps and lanterns have been continuously declining, they have reached the bottom line of consumers. It will take some time.

Relevant experts said that high prices are a major cause of dragging down the sales of LED lights, but the public’s lack of understanding of LED luminaires is also a big reason for sales. Speaking of LED Many people will only think of LED displays, televisions, etc., but do not know that the original LED can also be used for lighting, may everyone think this situation is very strange, but this situation is indeed very common. Even though some people have knowledge of LED energy-saving lamps, the understanding is still not comprehensive enough. Look at the LED lights only to see the power and price, and do not understand the relevant parameters.

At present, the domestic LED market takes the path of "homogenization and price fight." Affected by the economic downturn in Europe and the United States, domestic LED enterprises have seen sharp declines in export orders this year, but industry players are not optimistic about the domestic sales prospects of LED companies. Gu Wenjun, chairman of the LED Association of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, once complained that the foreign LED market has a relatively complete competition system. As long as your products have advantages in quality, there will be better sales. While the domestic market is relatively immature, the key to product competitiveness comes from the company's low prices, public relations capabilities and personal connections.

This shows that China's LED market is still not mature enough, the competition between LED companies is still limited to fighting prices, which is also detrimental to the development of China's LED industry. Now incandescent lamps with high wattage gradually exit the market, LED lamps should seize this opportunity to optimize the technological content and product quality of products, promote the popularization of LED lighting and promotion of energy saving and environmental protection, and at the same time, it can also enhance China’s LED products in the international arena. Competitiveness.

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