Luxury lambskin B&O released wireless noise canceling headphones B&O H9

Since the iPhone 7 canceled the 3.5mm interface, the wireless headset ushered in a wave of climax. Even high-end consumer goods such as noise-cancelling headphones have begun to join the ranks of wireless, although there has been such a trend. B&O also released its own wireless noise canceling headphones B&O H9.
奢华小羊皮 B&O发布无线降噪耳机B&O H9
As a B&O product, the H9 uses a consistently high-end material. The headband is made of cowhide, and the earmuffs are made of high-quality lambskin with a total weight of 295g. The earmuffs are made of anodized aluminum and support touch for playback, volume adjustment, and phone answering.
奢华小羊皮 B&O发布无线降噪耳机B&O H9
The built-in battery provides 14 hours of battery life, which is measured with wireless and noise reduction enabled. If the battery runs out, you can also play it using the included wired cable. The price of 59,900 yen, including tax, equivalent to about 3,640 yuan, is still acceptable.

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Standard Recovery Stud Diode

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