Marvell launches consumable security chip PA800 with Cryptography Research's latest CryptoFirewall anti-counterfeiting technology

21ic News Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL) today introduced a consumable security chip, the Marvell® PA800, which uses a complete industry-leading solution to address the challenges of system supplies safety and stability. The PA800 uses Cryptography Research's (CRI) latest consumable CryptoFirewall (CCF) technology for safety systems that require safety certification and/or tracking of consumables or accessories.

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Today, interconnected products such as mobile phones, medical devices, printers, batteries and automotive parts increasingly require advanced security mechanisms to verify system consistency. Many devices still require the user to safely replace parts, accessories or consumables. The PA800 is an ideal solution with low cost and low pin count, allowing the device to cryptographically verify the authenticity and usage of the component throughout its life cycle.

Greg Allen, vice president of Marvell's Printers division, said: "CRI is the leader in security solutions across multiple market segments, and its CryptoFirewall solution provides our customers with the most robust and connected product security solutions. Marvell PA800 CryptoFirewall technology allows users to easily authenticate and track usage of consumable parts or accessories. Manufacturers now have the most cost-effective and secure way to protect system consistency when building systems."

Cryptography Research's CCF solution is a market-proven integrated tamper-proof security technology that provides authenticity to consumers and manufacturers. The CCF, along with the VCF (Verifier CryptoFirewall) built into the SoC, provides cryptographic validation of validity. The VCF can be integrated into the SoC chip in the form of software or hardware.

For the mobile phone and tablet market, the PA800 can be installed in a variety of components such as batteries, chargers, hubs, etc. These components are important to ensure authenticity. By utilizing the VCF, it is possible to securely verify the host's operational capabilities, authenticity, date of manufacture, life cycle, and other attributes of its attachments. For the printer market, the PA800 can be installed or built into ink cartridges or toner cartridges during production. The VCF Security Core on the printer securely verifies the authenticity, production parameters, ink levels and other lifecycle or status data of the cartridge. The PA800 can be quickly deployed to future releases or existing systems.

The Marvell PA800 security chip is a high security, low power chip that includes the following features:

· CryptoFirewall technology with integrated CRI component for encryption security

· OTP secure memory storage

· Configurable I2C/SPI host interface

· Optional LED / GPIO

· Anti-copy and anti-tamper technology

Paul Kocher, president and chief scientist of Cryptography Research, said: "Marvell is a global leader in integrated silicon solutions and has been committed to the digital vision of a 'connected life'. Marvell has a clear understanding of the digital connectivity of devices has become a key user Demand. We are very excited to work with Marvell to provide our customers with efficient solutions to protect their consumables and accessories."

From chip-on-chip production to mounting on consumables or spare parts, the PA800 guarantees safety throughout the entire supply process through a unique multi-stage preset solution. The PA800 will be directly supplied to OEMs through secure planning services and distribution channels.

Marvell invites potential customers to contact us to provide demos and show more application details. Marvell will provide PA800 samples in July 2013.

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