Ningbo: LED supply chain to be upgraded under the export environment

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Gan Qin] As one of the industrial and commercial cities in East China and one of Zhejiang's economic centers, Ningbo is regarded as the most important lighting production and export base in China, especially in recent years. Since the lighting of the new force, Ningbo has become a large-scale bearing place for LED lighting exports.

The reporter checked the relevant information and found that from the overall perspective of last year, Ningbo's export power engine is strong. LED electric light source products include ceiling lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps and other products to add new bricks for export. The annual output value of Ningbo has been formed. Billion billion lighting industry chain.

However, as far as the overall supply chain is concerned, compared with many cities such as the new manufacturing center of the LED industry, Guangdong, the Ningbo area is relatively lacking and still in a disadvantage.

Gaogong LED reporter recently interviewed local related companies on the supply chain support issues in Ningbo. Among them, Ningbo Global Optoelectronics Engineer Xiang Kecheng told reporters that “there are still some shortcomings in the supply chain in Ningbo. Many of our parts and components need to be purchased in Guangdong. In addition, the price is more chaotic, not as good as the Guangdong area.”

He Gang, director of Meiya Optoelectronics Technology, said that in the past two years, Ningbo has gradually improved its supply chain support, from molds to parts, optical lenses, to power supplies, etc., but it can be achieved, but he pointed out that the power supply There are price chaos and the quality is uneven.

Based on quality considerations, He Gang said that Meiya Optoelectronics' choice of suppliers is not limited to Ningbo, and the company has suppliers in Guangzhou and other places. "Our supplier's requirements are quality first. In addition, depending on the company's operational capabilities and credibility issues, we must keep our promises for the account period. This is the most important requirement for us to choose suppliers."

For the supplier's choice, in terms of quality requirements, Xiang Kecheng and He Gang expressed similar views. “We value the quality of the products. We hope that the suppliers' products must have certification. In addition, for the quality of the products, we only buy Suppliers produce directly by themselves, but not to middlemen."

In He Gang's view, improving the supply chain order and how to build a healthy and sustainable supply chain have become issues for companies and local companies to think about.

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