Rongsheng refrigerator brought Efir II products to Shunde Home Appliances Exhibition

The Shunde International Household Appliances Expo, which is known as the “Asia's Best Electrical Trading Platform”, was held at the Shunde Exhibition Center in Guangdong on October 17-20, 2012. As the wind vane of the development of the domestic appliance industry, previous Shunde Home Appliances Exhibition has attracted many domestic appliance manufacturers to participate. This exhibition is a must-attend home appliance feast for Rongsheng Refrigerator, which is home to Shunde in Guangdong and is about to celebrate its 30th birthday.

30 years ago in Ronggui Town, Shunde, Guangdong Province, a refrigerator was born in a small workshop. This refrigerator later had a resounding name: Rongsheng refrigerator, and “Quality assurance of Rongshengrong!” in the interpretation of movie star Wang Mingxi It became a household slogan in the north and south of the Yangtze River in the early 1990s.

In the golden autumn of 2012, after 30 years of experience and successful transformation, Rongsheng Refrigerator brought its high-end products of Eifel II to Shunde Home Appliances Exhibition.

It is understood that the four products on display are Rongsheng BCD-563WY, BCD-316WYMB, BCD-398WY and BCD-378WPMB. These four products are called the fist products of Rongsheng Refrigerator in 2012, and they are the reform and innovation of 30 years of R&D and production technology.

Rongsheng refrigerator has always been the leader in energy saving. From independent temperature control of discrete multi-cycle technology to stable refrigeration of all-weather preservation technology to foaming filler upgrade of composite microcrystalline insulation technology, Rongsheng is working on energy-saving R&D. Frequently, and the first to achieve the energy limit of four days of electricity, set off an energy-saving trend in the home appliance industry. Although the four products in the home appliance exhibition are all "big behemoths" in the refrigerator, the BCD-563WY with the largest volume consumes only one kilowatt a day.

In terms of preservation, after years of precipitation, Rongsheng Refrigerator first proposed the idea of ​​“maintaining the water balance inside the refrigerator”. In early 2012, it successfully launched an inter-generation preservation technology – nano water mist preservation technology. The technology uses the built-in water ion generator in the refrigerator to capture the water molecules emitted by fruits and vegetables, and ionize and decompose into positive and negative water ions and nano-scale water mist particles, fully infiltrating fruits and vegetables, and reducing the moisture and freshness of fruits and vegetables. Experiments show that the water content of fruits and vegetables preserved by nano-water mist preservation technology is more than 10% higher than that of ordinary refrigerators, and the nano-water mist preservation technology can prolong the storage time of fruits and vegetables.

The reporter saw on the scene that the four products have their own designs. The BCD-563WY, which is open to the door, is as white as jade. Rongsheng refrigerator engineer introduced that this refrigerator uses the appearance of baking paint technology, just like the human cosmetology injection of uric acid forever youth technology, can make the refrigerator use for 12 years of life will not dim, long-lasting and beautiful. The black crystal glass prince BCD-316WYM and BCD-378WPMB of Rongsheng Efir II first created the mirror design of the black crystal glass, which is distinguished and elegant and extraordinary. And BCD-398WY is full of metal texture and simple temperament, it is more artistic.

“Rongsheng can be full of art, it can be simple and graceful, but it can also be fashionable. But the colorful appearance must focus on the concept of “meeting the needs of users, improving R&D production capacity and contributing first-class products to users.” Rongsheng Refrigerator Promotion Department Deputy General Manager Zhu Haibo said.

As one of the few refrigerators in China, Rongsheng Refrigerator has upgraded its energy-saving technology to the main line of research and development. At the same time, through the full-scale creation of the product and the continuous improvement of the preservation technology, the product has achieved a comprehensive breakthrough from the appearance to the energy-saving and fresh-keeping technology.

According to market sales data, during the golden week just passed, the sales volume of Rongsheng Efir II products is ahead of other domestic brands. It shows that Rongsheng has completed the rapid channel construction from the creation of energy-saving technology to the leading of high-end products, and successfully embarked on the main channel of upgrading the home appliance industry. Driven by industrial policies such as national energy conservation and benefit, it will surely lead the future development trend of the refrigerator industry.

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