Shunde Leliu won the title of "China Commercial Lighting Industry Base"

Recently, Shunde Leliu of Guangdong Province was awarded the honorary title of “China Commercial Lighting Industry Base”, which is also the title of the first national industrial base in the LED industry. In order to build this national industrial base, Leliu will plan to build a 300-mu China new lighting technology application incubator to support the development of lighting enterprises.

It is reported that Leliu Street Office will sign "One Town, One School Strategic Cooperation Agreement" and "LED Industry Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with Jiangnan University and South China Normal University respectively. Shunde Leliu Foton Electric Co., Ltd. also signed a strategy with South China University of Technology. Cooperation agreement. In addition, the lighting appliance new Kellers and the Chinese Men's Basketball Professional League (CBA) reached a cooperation agreement, becoming the "CBA2012-2016 season" strategic partner, making the MOD brand into China's thousands of households.

LED module introduction: LED Display Module is one of the main components of the finished Led Display! It mainly consists of LED lamp, PCB board, driver IC, resistor, capacitor and plastic kit!

Classification of Led Display Module

From the light color

LED display module is divided by color:

I. monochromatic modules, such as single red, single green, single blue, single yellow and single white modules

2. Two color modules, such as red and green, red and blue.

3. full color module is mainly a product with red, green and blue primary colors on one LED module

High Quality Module

According to the purpose of LED display

LED display module is divided into indoor, semi outdoor and outdoor, grid screen, strip screen, glass screen, etc. according to the different use space.

From the use of lamp beads

According to different LED packaging devices, LED display module can be divided into: LED display module of direct light, LED display module of indoor lattice, LED display module of surface mount.

Divide by pixel spacing

According to the LED pixel spacing, generally used more is: p1.25, p1.875, p1.56, P2, P3, P4, P5 and so on.

LED display function

1. Play the role of commodity publicity and attracting customers.

2. Play the role of store decoration and improve the level of enterprises.

3. Play the role of lighting and innovation.

4. Play the role of popularizing knowledge. (it can be used to play small information of enterprise products and knowledge of relevant industries)

5. Play the role of bulletin board. (promotion, recruitment information release)

6. Act as a foil to the atmosphere. Through the display screen, you can play the welcome words of superior leaders and various VIPs to visit and guide, and the celebration words of various major festivals.

7. It plays a warning role and is often used for road traffic LED navigation indication, etc.

It is undeniable that the ultimate purpose of establishing billboards is to publicize commodity information, attract target customers and make the most profit as much as possible. Led billboard is to achieve this goal to become the first choice of enterprise publicity.

LED Display Module

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