Taiwan launches home LED lamp subsidy program for vulnerable groups can be given priority

The Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan will launch a subsidy program for household LED bulbs. Officials from the Ministry of Economic Affairs said that it is expected to report to the Executive Yuan for approval this week, with the disadvantaged groups as priority subsidies. The amount of subsidies and targets are still under discussion, but priority will be given to subsidizing vulnerable groups and reducing their burden of electricity use. The budget may be close to the scale of energy-saving appliances subsidies this year, which is NT$700 million.

However, the home appliance subsidy is applied by the people themselves after purchase; however, this time, it is not excluded that the government will uniformly purchase the LED bulbs, and then the eligible families will apply. Officials said that participating in LED bulb bidding manufacturers must meet certain specifications and technical specifications, and also need to attach test compliance reports. I hope to complete the award before the end of the year.

The first two wave of home appliance subsidies introduced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs caused a warm response. The second wave originally intended to subsidize 350,000 units and set a budget of 700 million yuan. The final application exceeded expectations, which also led to the Ministry of Economic Affairs overspending the funds.

The Economic Commission of the Legislative Yuan did not report in advance the over-expenditure use fund of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It passed the main resolution and requested that if the future fund needs to be increased due to actual circumstances, it must be submitted to the Legislative Yuan for review before it can be implemented.

Since the source of LED bulbs is the same as the oil fund, this main resolution may affect the implementation of the subsidy program. Officials of the Ministry of Economic Affairs said that the road time may be affected; however, the use of government funds is more flexible and can be used in response to emergencies.

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