Taiwan sapphire substrate Q2 price is flat 2 inch PSS sapphire out of stock

Since Q2, many sapphire substrate manufacturers in Taiwan have returned to full capacity; in the price part, the downstream customer's epitaxial plant Q1 is still losing money, so the Q2 upstream sapphire manufacturer is still difficult to talk about, the price is flat. However, under the increase in shipments, the profitability of sapphire manufacturer Q2 is expected to improve.

It is estimated that the current price of 2-inch sapphire substrates is about 8-9 US dollars per piece, while the price of upstream sapphire crystal rods is 4-5 US dollars/mm. The price has not changed much from the beginning of last year.

Although the downstream LED epitaxial plant has recently released information including policy subsidies and LED lighting demand, in terms of shipments, recently, China-US Blue Crystal and Zhaoyuan, both of which have been included in the production capacity, have been fully loaded. At the level, Taiju Optoelectronics also maintains high-capacity utilization, and the demand for 2-inch patterned sapphire on the market is more prosperous and out of stock.

At the beginning of May, the international sapphire giant Rubicon also pointed out that the market conditions have shown signs of rebound, but the offer is still in a low position. With the increase in shipments, the profit and loss situation of the Q2 sapphire substrate plant is expected to improve. The combined Sino-US blue crystals of Zhaoyuan and Zhongmeijing are expected to be profitable this season. Xinjing Diamond is about to lose performance. .

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