Talk about the difference and development trend of LED lights

The technological development of modern society has reached an unprecedented speed, and the change of technology to life has also stimulated our nerves. When we were just getting used to the Xenon headlights, the application of LED light sources in the car came to us. What changes can these advances bring to our car life? Let us introduce this in a rough way.

Fast-growing LED headlights

LED light-emitting diodes have long found their place in many fields. It is gradually replacing the traditional light source we are familiar with with its high performance, long life and strong applicability. In the automotive field, LED light sources were originally used as high-end brake lights and daytime running lights, but soon, technological advances solved the bottleneck of LED brightness, and Audi used it first in car headlights. This trend is rapidly developing. The new generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan has replaced all the light sources on the car with LEDs. What is more gratifying is that LEDs are no longer exclusive to high-end models because of their cost advantages. The ninth-generation Accord and Jade, which have just been listed, have been equipped with LED headlights, and this is the first time LEDs have been used in cars, but in just a few years.

In the development of automotive light sources, LED seems to be the most perfect solution at present. With the development of technology and the reduction of cost, the LED era of the lamp may be much faster than we think.

There are still huge numbers of halogen headlights

Although halogen headlamps have been used as lighting sources for automobiles for a long time, they are still the first choice for low-end and mid-range lighting. In fact, as a kind of incandescent lamp, halogen lamp is the most important lighting device in our daily life. Halogen headlight bulbs are smaller in size, and at the same power, halogens are 1.5 times brighter than incandescent lamps and have a lifespan of 2-3 times that of incandescent lamps.

Since the technology is quite mature and the structure is simple, the halogen headlights are already relatively inexpensive in terms of manufacturing cost, and the cost of use in the future is also very approachable. But the shortcomings are equally obvious: the lamp has a low service life, a low color temperature, and a low luminous efficiency. Most of the electrical energy is converted into heat and wasted, so people are always looking for new automotive light sources. Having said that, I don’t know if you still remember the “headlight sticker” that was popular all the time ago. Although the light filtered by several translucent blue stripes was finally found to be invalid, it can be seen that people have an urgent desire to improve the traditional halogen headlights.

Xenon headlights on "Large"

Xenon headlights were once a symbol of high-end cars. Although they have now explored mid-range models, they are still one of the more advanced configurations. The full name of Xenon headlights is HID (High Intensity Discharge Lamp) gas discharge lamp, which uses the matching electronic ballast to instantly raise the 12V voltage of the car battery to a trigger voltage of 23000V or more, and ionize the xenon gas in the xenon headlight to form an arc discharge. It makes it stable and provides a stable car headlight illumination system. Compared with the traditional halogen headlights, the performance advantages of the xenon lamp are very obvious. It can not only provide a variety of color temperatures of 4000K-12000K, but also greatly increase the brightness and greatly reduce the energy consumption. Since the xenon lamp is illuminated by gas, there is no The filament is present, so the life span is also multiplied.

In the course of use, many users of xenon lamps prefer blue light, which is actually a misunderstanding. The color temperature of the blue neon lamp is relatively high, and the color temperature difference with sunlight (6000K) is large. The light looks glaring and the penetrating power of the light is poor, which will affect the use effect under rain and snow.

However, the shortcomings of Xenon headlights are also outstanding: the structure is complex, the cost is high, and the maintenance is expensive, which also hinders its large-scale application in the automotive field to some extent.

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